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Simple Contacts (in english) Версия для печати
автор Administrator четверг, 28 августа 2008

Fully rewrited Simple Contacts package for  Joomla 1.0.x.
The module and mambot Simple Contacts are for organize the Contact Form on any page of your site. Even inside any news or article.

The Module aren`t connected with Contacts component and is standalone whith its functionality. All parametrs you can set up in Administrator`s back-end.
You can see module in action on our demo-site.

For more info click here.

Main futures:
  • The Module aren`t connected with Contacts component and is standalone whith its functionality. All parametrs you can set up in Administrator`s back-end.
  • there are 1 to 7 contacts (addressee) avaliable to set up. Why so few? But it is only "Simple"-plugin ;-)
  • if one or more of contact positions are not filled (blank "name" & blank "e-mail" fileds) this contact will automatically switched off and wil not appear on fron-end of module
  • auto-checking if all fields are filled correct
  • before e-mail will sended we apply auto security-check
  • in e-mail is shown IP-address of sender
  • in the "From" field of e-mail we set sender address, so you can just click "Reply" as usually you do with your mail programm.
  • there is CAPTCHA integrated inside the module. CAPTCHA is technology for separate bots and humans, usually based on a picture with symbols and an input field where user have to enter that symbols to verify if he is a human but not a bot.
  • Internationalization used in this package is based on language files for different languages. At this time in the package included 2 files: english and russian.
Notice: Only ONE Simple Contacts entry may be on each page! Two ore more etries may not work together.

    Dowload package (module, mambot SContacts and additional module to integrate SContacts into article-text).
ZIP-archive you dowload contains 3 install-files:
  1. mod_scontacts.zip - the module
  2. bot_scontacts.zip - sendmail and serving mambot. Witout this mambot your module will be useless
  3. bot_mosmodule.zip - mambot whith which you can integrate Simple Contacts module into ane news or article of yours. To do this install both of mambots, install the module and activate (publish) each of them. Next step - in your text enter this construction: "{mosmodule module=Simple Contacts}"
If you don`t want to integrate module into articles you don`t have to install&publish third module named "bot_mosmodule".
But in any way you have to know: just only module without installed and published "mod_scontacts" mambot will not work and will be useless for you and your site.

For all questions you are welcome on our support forum.
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