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Joomla 1.5 + IPB 2.3.5 integration (eng) Версия для печати
автор Administrator пятница, 24 апреля 2009

We are pleased to announce the next release software system intended to integrate IPB Forum and CMS Joomla! This release is designed to work with the Joomla version 1.5.x and IPB 2.3.x branch, up to 2.3.6.

As well as in the previous version, there is support for different databases used by  site and forum; and even on different servers . So now there is no limitation imposed by previous versions of our package, and similar charges (and free) packages of integration, that led the administrator to keep the web-project table site and forum in one database.

significant detail to the NON-english-speaking users: our software integration supports work with the "native" distributions Invision Power Board with  NON UTF-8 charset inside. Actually, now no difference to what is encoded Forum - Integration will "understand" any charset. And now you can use even logins and passwords taped in any language.

  1. "Through" authentication the user on site and the forum, using a single mechanism of authentication. That is, going into site, you automatically access the forum. And vice versa: going at the forum, the user automatically receives an active session on the site. Accordingly, at the conclusion of session in one of the CMS, is automatically suspended session to another.
  2. Common to both CMS managing user accounts: the establishment, Editing a login and password, ban, delete the user. All Administration is doing from inside IPB, but are automatically reflected on the user's account on the site.
  3. Functions visual "integration", this solution does not provide.

    a package of integration:
    • Component for Joomla! - The main functional element;
    • Authentication Module for Joomla! - It provides the correct "cross" authorized user on the site and the forum;
    • module for IPB - the forum`s functional part of the "core" package;
    • Guide to amend the source code files forum.

      Main differences from other similar projects:  

      • not require any changes to the core Joomla code or other components, that allows you to freely install hacks, produce updates, install any third-party components, modules and plugins.  

      • User management in the forum back-end and partial (group) - from site back-end.

      • Opportunity synchronization of user accounts from forum and site (if you have site with many users and recently installed forum, or vice versa -- you have forum for a long time, and the site is first installed).  

      • Fast and fully automated setup the whole package from back-end of  Joomla.

      • Forum and site may be in different domains (eg, the site - www.site.com, forum - www.megaforum.net ) and may use different databases.

      • Main features :

        * Simultaneous registration of the user in the forum and in the Mambo / Joomla;

        * Support all of the user management features.

        * complete set of management functions from the user admin panel IPB.

                          The main functions:

                - Change login,

                - Display Name,

                - password,

                - lock (ban, suspend);

                - including the administrator / moderator functions of front-end (increase / decrease reputation with locked user)

                - automatically unlocking the user (and the forum, and on the website) at expiration of the lock

             complete set of functions a user profile (front-end)

            - change password

            - Reminder

            - change display name

            - change e-mail, etc.

        * Single  Sign in user on the forum and Mambo / Joomla-site;

        * Unified logaut (output).

        (mospagebreak title = Payment and license)


        Price package of integration is 18.99 USD or 13.99 EUR.
        Paying for exposed account, you get 1 year of support. At the end of this time, the package does not stop its work. That is, no restrictions time work package no. You only denies access to updates and new distributions.

        1. Pay for the license key and get it that only registered users can.

        2. access the site (login / password). If you are not registered, - Register now .

          Go to the next link

        3. Select Language

        4. Select "Pay"

        5. In drop-down list, select the "Joomla!1.5 + IPB Integration" and mark the method of payment (Pay by other method ).

        6. In the next window, you will be asked to pay. If you choose "Payment by WebMoney", you need to transfer to one of the WM-purses amount the top of the page and in the "Note" Required specify the account number that you see as the top of the page. Also, account number will come to you via e-mail. If you want to pay out other payment systems, please select "Pay via RuPay". In this case, simply click "Pay" and follow the instructions of the system. In event of a failure to pay these methods, choose the third method - "Payment by other means" (or write me a letter explaining the problem) When paid manually (not through the automatic payment system) sure to specify in a note the account number !

        7. Get your private key. It is issued only once, so that always save it, do not lose it and not give any other individuals. Personal key also come to your e-mail.

        8. Immediately after payment and your payment in the "license" in drop-down list of available software products, you can see what you paid. Select the desired item; Enter the address (URL) site (for example, http://site.ru); Enter the address of the forum (eg, http://forums.site.com or http://site.ru/forum); Enter an account number, where you made a payment and then click "Submit"

        9. in the following form, click "Download license file" and save the downloaded file in a safe place.

        10. Immediately after processing your payment, you will be transferred to the group "clients" and you will have access to distribution.

        11. Payments processed in working days - from 9.30 to 18.00 Moscow time; after 18.00, at weekends and public holidays - if possible.

          Further instructions are only available to customers.

          Get answers to your questions you can at our Forum .

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